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Angry Xf86-4

hi..I just re-configured my XF86-4 file after I downloaded the geforce mx2 driver..

I changed Driver from "NV" to NVIDIA
uncommented Load Dri
uncommented Load Glcore
and also DRI at bottom of file

I accidentally rebooted my machine after installing new drivers before editing this file..but entered runlevel 3 to rectify the problem but now can't get out of level 3

/Etc/inittab was viewed to make sure init: default was still set to level 5

Curious whether or not their is anything in XF86 I also have to change?

Also I just viewed XF86-4 file again and under the final Dri it shows

# Dri
mode 0666

Any help appreciated..I now can't even use startx
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