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Default FX5200 128Mb Dual Monitor Option N/A

Hello everyone,
I have the following problem: I have an 18" LCD with analogue VGA connection and a TV monitor connected to a FX5200 AGP card 128Mb in an AGP 8x slot of an Asus motherboard (that doesn't have an onboard videocard).
I can select TV or LCD as my single monitor in the nView and they seem to work properly, but there is no option for dual monitor setup, only one monitor.
I tried all kinds of drivers, even latest ones - 66.93 for winxp/2000 (running Win XP Pro with SP1).
I would really like to see my video files running full-screen on the TV monitor but I just cannot enable the dual monitor support.
Does anyone know of this problem? I read that it is the case when installing such a card on NT, but I have only XP/2000 drivers installed, so that isn't the case.
The videocard bios is Please help!

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