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Default GeForce 5900 Bios

hey u guys

i have big problems...

first my albatron medusa geforce 4 ti 4200P Turbo with 3.3ns BGA Ram is damaged, or?

look @ this picture

this thing is realy HOT, realy => i think it is more then 80C hot...

and first time i start 3D Mode => here World of Warcraft it looks so

=> 2 days later my windows looks the same way...

what is wrong, why is this thing so hot?

now the GeForceFX 5900 non Ultra:

i bought this graphic card for a low price in german forum but it was so cheap because the owner told us that he wanted to flash the card to 5950 Ultra.
he canceld the flash before the flash gets finished and now he has black screen after reboot...

i know that a motherboard bios chip is damage if u do things like this... but is there a chance to repair the card with blind flashing or flashing while using a pci card?
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