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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

Select the "nVidia" option, this is the main video card driver (Forceware). Just so you know, the other two are (in a nutshell below), you could select to clean those as well if you like:

nVidai Stereo: The NVIDIA 3D Stereo Driver, when used with compatible hardware, allows full-screen stereo1 viewing of many Direct3D or OpenGL based games. No other stereoscopic driver software is required.

When 3D games are played and the driver is enabled, the driver converts the image to 3D stereo and displays it on the screen. You can set up the driver to use either the page flipping or anaglyph method of stereo imaging. With compatible viewing hardware (such as 3D glasses), you'll see the image with the perception of depth.

nVidia WDM: The Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) specifies a common set of services designed to support kernel-mode streaming of data for video capture, MPEG decoders, audio, DVD, and broadcast devices. WDM drivers are necessary for video capture and recording applications.
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