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Default Re: GeForce FX 5950 Ultra


When installing a new card and/or new drivers it is most important to do it properly.

So lets just start again with uninstalling and removing any old Nvidia drivers that you may have attempted, but failed with.

Also, it is assumed that you have updated your motherboard with latest device drivers from manufacturers website. Especially now that you are using a 5950u spec'd vga card.

Now reboot and windows device installation facility will inform you that it has found a new device and wants it installed -----------> Don't let windows install the driver, just select to install a new "Display Adaptor" and point the installation facility at the directory where the "nv4_disp.inf" file of the Nvidia driver you want to use resides.

After Nvidia driver installation it is then important to install your monitor against its manufacturers driver, rather than let windows configure things against its "default" or "plug and play" drivers. A windows driver knows nothing about your monitor, so its DEFAULT drivers are only there to be used as a last resort.

And finally once display and monitor drivers are installed and you have rebooted, you must then use something like RefreshForce to set up your monitors refresh rates for all the resolutions you are likely to use. Since it is most important that windows is always in good control of your monitor.

Also, never set any refresh rates higher than those identified by RefreshForce, otherwise your monitors display may become corrupted or worse you may get locked out.


And for your 5950u card, you should be using a minimum of a 5xxx series driver. So try with 53.03 which is a known stable driver.
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