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Default Re: GeForce 5900 Bios

Hi NiceDevil,

I have the same albatron medusa geforce 4 ti 4200P Turbo with 3.3ns BGA Ram that you show in your post.

And the component you circled should be just the same as one above it with "1R0" printed on it.

My ti4200 does run very hot, just like virtually all ti4200 cards; but certainly not 80C.

And more to the point, I have mine voltmodded and running at 300/650; and using a ti4600 bios for better stabilty.

Is the fan faulty or heatsink vanes clogged up with dust, etc?

These cards rely on very good cooling. So have you also tried just pointing a high airflow fan directly at the card?

And for your 5900 problem, why not just try reflashing with a known good bios.

Flash the bios in DOS using nvflash.exe v4.41

nvflash -r (removes any protection)

nvflash -u -p -f BIOSNAME.ROM (flash new bios file)

Because of DOS filename restriction, "BIOSNAME.ROM"[/i] must have max of 8 char's in first part of filename and max of 3 char's in extender part, otherwise DOS will not recognise the command.

And if the standard flash as identified above doesn't work, then try adding the -j command switch and/or try erasing the cards bios first.

If the card doesn't work as it is, then there is nothing worse you can do to it by trying different flashing methods.
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