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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Source didn't save Bloodlines from being a mess [grahpically, and through the incorporation of physics, AI, etc]. I'm sorry but has anyone even heard of this developer. If you haven't check out their game list.

This guy is just as qualified on this subject as every other fanboy. He'd rather create his own engine than use D3/Source? Well if he made good engines I could see his point...those screenshots however don't really scream quality to me.

And why do people still bring up the 'which engine does better textures' debate? Do these asshats not understand that textures really have nothing to do with the engine, that if I were so inclined I could port all the HL2 textures to the D3 engine. It's just really pathetic that he's a developer and still doesn't get this most basic concept.
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