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LOL, good one about ATI driver bugs, Matthyahuw.
Well, I really think what's important is that nV News report nearly all nVidia cards reviews, and not worry too much about specific ATI/Matrox/... cards reviews.

I'm fine with giving reviews of a standard Radeon 9700 Pro. But *please* don't link to reviews of every single Radeon 9x00 card! It's good to know how fast a Radeon 9500 Regular is, but I don't care how fast every single manufacturer Radeon 9500 performs!

What about a filter not to see that type of news if you want? It might save you bandwidth, too

BTW, I've got another complain. Why in the world is there a 15000 letters limit? I'm okay for a limit to unable spam, but this is ridiculous! Now I can't post my latest post because it's about 16500 letters
Ah well, I'll have to upload it on my new domain and link to it. At least, I'll be using that domain. Been about a week since I got it and still didn't upload anything to it...

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