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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
This article was so one sided, Sorry but Doom 3's characters are nowhere near as close to what HL2 can produce...

This guy is comparing two games yet only have played one... I dout hes a developer, sounds like a high school student who knows C++ nothing special.

As stated before.. in the Doom3 ENGINE.. allows higher quality characters in any game ,because it not only use polygons + textures ,just like 99.5% of all fps games ever made .. like Hl2 ,unrealT and quakes games.. but because Doom engine also use its unified TRUE realtime lighting/shadowing/normalmapping/speculars system to increase *even more* the details. using realtime reflections and other Fast pace shooter game do that.. Unreal3 is probably the other one im aware that use all those cool tricks. however there are other games also that might be doing something close Everquest2 , Splintercell3 ,Stalker and Fear. almost all games are not yet released.

This is not the concept art (offline cpu rendered) in thirdparty aplications that cost -> $10,000 with a little tweak of photoshop that Valve use lot in the screenshots to overHype the quality of their engine . just like Gordon here.. and here.. or like the ones you see in your cover of your game box. if Hl2 characters looks so great why use concept art then? the screenshot above is Doom3 *engine* graphics. what you see in the game is a lower poly version of their original work.. that were made that way only for performance reasons. Doom3 engine is far from perfect.. already explained in the first thread some of its limitations.. but it have nice things no other game have yet.. that allows very nice cinematic quality if you know how and where.
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