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Originally posted by saturnotaku
Y'know, Uttar, you could make 2 separate posts and put them up back-to-back. It's not like you do that all the time anyway so I won't see it as any big deal.
Thanks, but I still think I'll simply put it on my domain. That'll enable it to evantually be seen by people after the post got out of the first page of the forum.
And if I put 2 posts, I fear absolutely no one will read more than the conclusion. Not like it's that important for the 0.01 people who'll look at the entire thing if it was 1 post.

It's a really huge thing, explaining the VSA influence on NV3x, the ways it gives a strategical advantage for nVidia in markets such as PDAs and stuff. A lot of it is a huge analysis of quotes by David Kirk & Geoff Ballew. I hope to have it posted by tommorow, still got to do the HTML formatting and stuff.

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