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Default Re: Barton 3000+ to 64 3500+ quick results

FWIW I used to get around 50K with Aquamark 3 on my 3200+ barton core and DDR400. I did the same upgrade as the thread starter, kept my GT and score jumped to 70K at stock and 80K overclocked. 3D01 best run on the xp based system was which jumped to on A64 at stock and 25K overclocked. Farcry and ut2k4 saw such huge increases I didn't even need to bother comparing it was so impressive, likewise with other games -- everyone with an xp chip is underestimating the power of A64's at the right speed because stupid things like 3d01, 3d03 and 3d05 showing virtually no difference.

When you fire up your games, it's a whole different story, it also provides about twice the memory bandwidth of my old xp based system.
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