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Default EVGA 5900SE which revision is better

I had to send my 5900SE rev 1 back to EVGA because I broke the cap off while doing the video card tango. Even though I broke it off and removed the original fan and installed water cooling they honored the warranty.

I was looking my RMA replacement and saw that the memory didn't have the gold heatsinks. I posted this in the EVGA forums and WShelley told me about the newer revision.

I wanted to know did the rev 1 have the faster hynix 2.5 or 2.2?

I don't plan on doing any overclocking or hardcore performance tweaks(if I keep telling myself that it will go I away, I can stop at anytime, really I can.) I was wondering because I had read that the cheaper components were used by all the manufactures at the end.
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