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Default Re: GeForce 5900 Bios

Originally Posted by NiceDevil
hey Jimmor you know me?

i was the person that wrote german translation for bios mod an gave u best latencys i tried and ran stable on my 5900XT => that is damage because the ram heatsinks killed my card => i put them too hard on it

@ the time i flashed and modded bios files for fx cards i used nvflash in this way

nvflash -f 5900xt.rom -u -p => that don't work????

=> first i have to enter nvflash -r??? then the line above this???
Hi NiceDevil,

I not only know you but I also recently browsed a website in german which showed a 59xx bios mod procedure with your name against it.

I didn't look at it in any detail so I don't really have any comment for you other than if you are happy with it then that is all that matters.

And for all flashing activity with my FX5900nu card, I have never had any problems as stated in my last post of just sticking with the following simple procedure,

Flash the bios in DOS using nvflash.exe v4.41

nvflash -r (removes any protection)

nvflash -b ORIGBIOS.ROM (saves original bios)

nvflash -u -p -f BIOSNAME.ROM (flash new bios file)

Because of DOS filename restrictions, "ORIGBIOS.ROM" and "BIOSNAME.ROM" must have max of 8 char's in first part of filename and max of 3 char's in extender part, otherwise DOS will not recognise the command.

And the command switches are supposed to come first, with the -f command being immediately before the filename of the bios.

Also as I previously posted, it is sometimes necessary to use the -j switch to force a flash on a card with a corrupt bios.
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