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Arrow nHancer - Advanced Profile Editor for NVIDIA graphics cards

The latest version 1.1 of nHancer has just been released and its website is online now.

nHancer is a new advanced profile editor for nVidia cards. Version 1.0 has been released about two month ago and acclaimed much praise in the community.

nHancer offers many more options than nVidia’s own control panel, including advanced SLI options to make almost every game SLI compatible, additional options for anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, optimizations and much more.

A database of profiles is available on the website, and we’re planning to add many more games to this database. With the help of the community, eventually this database is supposed to contain all games, old and new, to make them SLI compatible and offer the best possible image quality for every hardware out there, ranging from a GF 4x00 Ti to a 6800Ultra SLI.

Many more details, including the screenshots, the download link and a detailed manual, can be found on the website.

nHancer's features:
  • Create and manage fully automated profiles for all your games
  • On-the-fly control of all global settings and all game settings
  • Very easy to use, explains all options and their effect, like Anti Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, etc.
  • Special options for nVidia's SLI feature, allowing you to be able to use almost all games with SLI even if nVidia doesn't support them
  • Offers addional Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering modes, that are not available through nVidia's control panel
  • Flexible user interface: change the size of the window and all sub areas
  • Use the online profile database to download profiles for your games, to enhance your gaming experience without having to explore the various options yourself
  • Export and share your profiles with other by uploading them into the profile databse
  • User interface and help texts available in various languages (right now English, German, Spanish and Polish)
  • Coexists perfectly with nVidia's own control panel and other tools, like aTuner or RivaTuner. nHancer will immediately detect any changes made by any other tool.

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