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Default Re: EQ2: Perfect Patch?

Originally Posted by PeterJensen
I also play like 3-4 hours on work days and maybe a little more in the weekends. Im only a level 11 Priest and i having the best fun in anny MMORPG yet. I have met about 5 people that i play with often, even 1 from canada
I also played the WoW EU beta and i think EQ2 beats it with no doubt. I like the more realistic look of EQ2 and the amazing weapon and armor detail.
I'm going to make a 180 really fast on my views of EQ2, yes I've tried to back-up EQ2's graphics and gameplay, but I was really biased back then, having played both WoW and EQ2, I feel I can speak out.

EQ2's armor IS detailed, very detailed. Some quite pretty. But, everything looks the same; yea, they supposedly increased character differientation by having armor look different now, but everyone who looked the same as me before still looks the same, just with new lamer looking armor (my new armor looks like Fury Armor Quest armor you get at lvl 20!!) I used to match, but now I just look like a mess. Weapons; they are detailed, very pretty and everything, but they look the same as lower ones most of the time. Daggers look nearly the same, swords are the same way, Schimitars all look the same, flails are the same way, staves, most look the same, bows, yep.

I will Also admit that EQ2's lowbie content is amazing, it's a blast 20 under, but after that, you begin to see that EQ2 is a grindfest, and quests are hardly worth it. Quest gear isn't all that rewarding, bar heritage quests and some major high-end group-only ones. Quest xp is horrible, doing a long quest just to find out I get a mere 1-4% xp usually (which is 1-4 blues out of 100), but almost never 4 blues, usually just like 2 or 3. The only way to get decent quest xp is to do turn ins after your vitality wears off (your quest xp doubles when it does). The quests don't have much of a story behind them, most are basically "I need a goblin ear, so go get me some" Or "These deer are eating my flowers, kill them" Quests in the beginning have nice stories behind them, whereas higher up you don't really notice a story to them at all.

I think if EQ2 can get better higher end content rather than just a grind-fest, i.e. more raid mobs, and some better quests, I think EQ2 will have a chance to be great.

What WoW does to compensate for the grindfest is PvP, and soon Battle Grounds. This is where it has the advantage for high levels, well, I'm only 34 right now...but I'll get there soon enough. Battle Grounds will reward people for winning the battle against the opposing team, which is a great idea. Hero Classes are soon also. Yes, I know EQ2 has a unique Title system to increase differientation, but that's just a title, and half the people don't wear them because they take up half the screen, and get annoying during fights.

This Patch did a lot involving the amount of quests and spell/ability fixing, but it didn't do much to relieve the pain of grinding, or making armor look any better, at least for leather-wearers like me, or the technical side of it.

I could go on about how I hate how everything feels so enclosed, even the Commonlands feels like I'm in a cage because I can see the other end of it from the end I'm at, and Enchanted Lands is just as bad, but I won't lol.
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