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Default Re: New nVidia tool: Replacement profile editor, SLI enabled

Originally Posted by scoote69
Ill try it tonight with eq2! This looks like exactly what a novice like me needs to tweak sli in eq2. Thank you so much. Ill post my results asap.
I haven't had much luck myself with EQ2 though. EQ2 seems to be pretty SLI resistant - either that or it's completely CPU limited (which is unlikely, because it gets a lot slower as soon as you enable FSAA).

But if you find a setting that works, let us know!

BTW, starting with 71.40, nVidia shipped the driver with a profile for EQ2 (which just disables SLI for that game). If you get a lock symbol on the SLI page, you have to delete the EQ2 profile and recreate it. YAPE doesn't allow to change the SLI settings if they were predefined by nVidia (indicated by the option "predefined" in nvapps.xml). Deleting and recreating a profile works around that.
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