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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?


Yes, a 64bit version of the NVidia drivers for FreeBSD would be fantastic!
I am a fan both of FreeBSD and NVidia -- I am simply very impressed by the quality of their [32 bit] drivers.

I'm planning to buy an Athlon 64 pretty soon, and I'll use FreeBSD 5.x on that system. It basically depends on the availability of 64 bit drivers whether I'll be able to use the amd64 or the i386 version of FreeBSD -- and naturally, I'd prefer to use the former.

Alternatively, I could use the amd64 version with the open source nv driver, of course. But since 64 bit NVidia drivers are available for linux, I am actually hopeful that they will be released for FreeBSD at some point as well. Any chances? :-)

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