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Default Re: EQ2 joining the ranks of nerf everything

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
I love MMORPG..but every game gets nerfed to sick of it...

Lets see my wizard sucks big time after level 37...moorguard said they are aware of it like 3-4 weeks ago...i dont believe any promises from them..

now they messed up so many other classes..monks (which i started one till they fixed wizard), and scouts..with the agility nerf...

to add all that i am an alchemists..and they made it much harder to get pristine inks..and on top of that nerf our sellback prices to many of our items...

what the point...i am so sick of getting nerfed every time...

I dont want to go to WoW..becuase i know same things will happen...thinking of just quitting MMORPG for a while now
If you think it's bad now, wait until they decide to introduce PvP and start tweaking everything to try to achieve "balance".
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