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Default Getting a GeforceFX 5950 and a Voodoo5 PCI to play together?? Any ideas?

Ok guys,

here's one you prolly don't encounter often. I want to use my GeforceFX 5950 (flashed from 5900) alongside a Voodoo5 PCI (ahhh, 3dfx, those were the days). Now, I don't want to use two monitors really, so I need some way of connecting these two graphics cards to the same monitor. Does anyone know how to do this? Kind of like a KVM switch but for graphics cards.

The idea behind this setup is mainly twofold. First, the Voodoo5 apparently scales very well with better CPU's, so my 2.2ghz AthlonXP, while not the fastest, is still way more than enough to let the Voodoo show me everything it can do when put in a better system than those available in 2001. Second, I like to play some older games as well, and many of them were written for or are compatible with the 3dfx's Glide api, and so I want to run them off the Voodoo now.

I also have two other side interests here. First, I do have a place in my heart for 3dfx (c'mon, back in the day they whupped it up), and also I'm trying to find out if multiple Voodoo5 PCI's can be run in SLI. This last part is probably not doable, but it should be noted that Quantum3D did it with as many as 32 VSA-100 chips in a single system for their high-end visual reality simulators. So as you might imagine, I'm having dreams of 4 Voodoo5's occupying my PCI slots banging out some UT2004 goodness, 3dfx style ;-)

If anyone is interested in trying to figure this out, lemme know.

AMD AthlonXP 2600+ @ 2.2ghz (10x200)
Epox 8rd+ rev 1.1
512mb DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-11
GeforceFX 5950 w/ 128mb DDR @ 484/884
3dfx Voodoo5 PCI w/ 64mb SDRAM @ 200/200
60gb HD / 120gb HD
16x DVD-R/RW +/-
500W PSU (piece o crap)
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