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Originally posted by JakeOne
No.. I am currently on the first REDHAT kernel. And I was trying to update to 18, and it isn't working. So what should I do? Never update .

this sucks,
If your using the original RH kernel, then I do recommend you update it, as it fixes some security issues. If your getting them by downloading them from the RH site manually, then follow the exact proceedure for installing them. (read the info on that site)

Using their Up2date utility is a much better way to do that. (I have and there have been no problems so far. And I've been using that utility for 2 or more years now..)

Also make sure that you also install the kernel source for that version and the Lib*. and development files that are required by most programs that need to be recompiled.

(I did that from the original clean install, so when I use up2date, it will automatically download those updates as well... Etc)

Based on what I mentioned above, I have had no problems in recompiling these drivers or any other programs. (Unless it asks for dependancies)
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