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Default Re: ATI Radeon 9600Pro vs Geforce FX 5500 , Any help ?

9600Pro of course ! . the 5500 is weak AFAIK .

9600 Pro has 1600MT/s fillrate & 9.60GB/s memory bandwidth .
5500 has 1080MT/s fillrate & a memory bandwidth of 6.40GB/s for the 128-bit bus & 3.20GB/s for the 64-bit bus .

yes the 256MB is cool , but the 5500 wont benefit much from it because its a value card & wont able to handle neither high res or the HQ extra effects in games that takes advatange of the 256MB RAM .
add to that the poor SM2.0 performance for the FX5500 & you get the whole picture .

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