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Default Re: mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

Originally Posted by PauloMorfeo
And while at it, none of you have even goten out of USA (maybe canada) and you're all complaining about trips to europe and it's snobby people.
One needs only to look at your post to cofirm those stereotypes. Thank you, please drive through.

You guys will not have my simpathy when you get striked next. Not anymore.
Oh, I'm crying in my milk right now.

Then, when you see the whole world looking down at you when you're trying to ask people to help you and be on your side, think about these moments.
As much as it would go against the better judgements of myself and just about every other American on this board, if Portugal were to be hit by a terrorist attack, the United States would be there to lend financial and other aid. Even if you rolled over politically like Spain did (which you probably would) we would still be there to help ingrates like you. So sod off.
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