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Default Nvidia 6600 on amd 64 + fedora core 3


I had some serious problems to setup my graphic adaptater : MSI NX6600-TD128E - 128 Mo TV-Out/DVI - PCI Express x16 (NVIDIA GeForce 6600).

I use fedora core 3 on AMD 64.

I download nvidia driver at

I modify the file.

I doesn't work (crash system on startup), so I follow instructions of the first message of this topic :

Now, it works fine, but i have 2 problems :

1. instead of the normal mouse cursor, i have a enormous square ( about 60 x 60 pixels) with video "noise" : line with red, green, blue colors... This square moves with the mouse, like a normal cursor, it's only the display wich doesn't works.

2. When I halt the system, instead of a normal text consol whit halt messages, I have a blurred screen.

Can you help me ?

Thank you

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