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Default Re: mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

Originally Posted by PauloMorfeo
Sorry dude but that's a poor excuse. I may say the exact same.
- I liked the US (including it's government) now i don't. Times changed now deal with it.
- Spain backed down on suport of US action. Times changed now deal with it.

And... would you prefer for the Iraquians to starve to death or of diseases? Or do you actually believe they were buying nukes and nerve gas with the food they received?

And to talk about stereotypes, follow to the oldsk00l's home page
there you will find:

And a link to:

Also, he seems to forget what the christians did in the middle age and what the bible says in some points.
Paulo STFU, and get back to the topic, I'm from the middle east, India area, I wish that place was bombed to hell, you know why, because of the people that are doing bad, but I also know this war on terror isn't over yet, and it will be worse later on I would rather no have them get thier hands on a nuke bomb and use it on innoccent people anywhere else in the world. And its a sad thing that innocent people have to die but its going to happen.

You don't seem to understand if the US economy gets hurt again because of another terrorist attack its not just the US that gets hurt, its the world, thier economy goes down too.
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