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Default Re: mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

Originally Posted by PauloMorfeo
Sorry dude but that's a poor excuse. I may say the exact same.
- I liked the US (including it's government) now i don't. Times changed now deal with it.
- Spain backed down on suport of US action. Times changed now deal with it.

And... would you prefer for the Iraquians to starve to death or of diseases? Or do you actually believe they were buying nukes and nerve gas with the food they received?

And to talk about stereotypes, follow to the oldsk00l's home page
there you will find:

And a link to:

Also, he seems to forget what the christians did in the middle age and what the bible says in some points.

You also seem to forget that those lunatics back in the middle ages weren't COMMANDED by scripture.

Also, as Sat pointed out...thanks for conforming to stereotypes.

I also thought this was pure gold.

Talk about ingratitude!?
Who helped the USA get it's independance from G.B.? Who gave you the freaking statue of liberty?
I wonder... If France knew you would think so poorly of them in the future and have decided not to help you guys, things could be very diferent today!

Talk about fighting terrorism and stuff!?
Bush was so eager to call a war on ALL terrirism and to ask for help to get the world rid of terrorism but all it did was following it's own personal agenda.
Where is Bush when the ETA terrorists strike in Spain, even when Spain was still suporting USA's suposed fight on world terrorism? And the same for the IRA in Ireland?
Mind if I point out the mass graves of USA and Canadian soldiers sitting in France? Mind stopping using all our Boeing planes and sticking with your crappy Airbus planes?

Where were the French when 9/11 happened? The Canadians pitched in, but Europe and the UN just kinda sat around.

Bush was right to declare war on all terrorism, and anyone NOT fighting it is stabbing us in the back. HELL, EVEN IRAN did more about their militants than France did in response to 9/11.

You sir, are comedic gold, in your ability to make a complete ass of yourself.
I would like to thank you for posting all your drivel, dance puppet, dance.

Oh and btw, thanks for visiting my page
The Adama maneuver was incredible, go watch Exodus pt 2.
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