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Unhappy club 3d 6600gt help needed!

uhm im in need of help!!!!!!

i bought yesterday mine 6600gt. so i installed it all fine and smooth but then the nightmare came!......... first i saw in 3dmark05 a speed of engine 299 mhz. i searched internet and they said it was all fine and 3dmark05 took the 2d speeds. so i was glad and downloaded 3dmark 03. there it said 500 mhz engine so i was right. (speeds 500 engine, 900 memmory) so i ran the test and then i saw a score like WTF. 5576............. so i tryed everything and still this score......

specs: AMD 2400+ xp(2 ghz) memmory 1024 mb and a club 3d 6600gt 500/900.

please if some1 can help me thanks...........

[EDIT] btw rivatuner says it runs on 3d mode 500 mhz and 900 mhz and i use driver 66.93
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