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Default Debian + Nvidia drivers, bad compilation

Sorry to bring this thread up again, but I still haven't found the soluton to the problem.

I've had Nvidia's drivers working flawlessly in other distro's (except Suse),
and I just tried installing them in Libranet (Debian). I downloaded the tarballs, and
tried compiling them, but "make" gives an error that
"nv.c:22: linux/modversions.h: No such file or directory". I've donwloaded
the kernel-headers, and installed those, and then copied the linux dir into
/usr/src but now it gives an error that it can't find NVdriver.
GLX seems to install fine, but I still need to have the kernel installed.
Anyone know what's wrong, or had the same problem, have fixed this,
or is there a different driver to download?

Thanks in advance!

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