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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

NV40, There was a gloss map modification written for Doom 3. It was about 3 lines of code. That eliminated the plastic problem and you can simulate any material with the gloss maps. Also, at one point Id software had the *FULL POLYGON* models running around in the game...I mean the ones they made the normal maps out of. It ran slowly, but it worked.

Also, in a JC email I posted, D3 engine also has HDR, all that's needed is better integration with the systems, but it works well enough.

Finally,all textures in D3 are 256x256. Now imagine them all at 1024x1024 and the character textures at 2048x2048.

The Engine is the most advanced out...period. Whether the game makes use of it well, that's another issue.

I hate how people like the moron who wrote the article can't separate engine from game. Hell, i'm 14 years old and I can do it.
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