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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

From a lighting/shadowing side Doom 3 is the most advanced engine out, but it would be stupid to say it is the most advanced engine in other areas.

I was wondering if anyone does 3d programming here. Does anyone have anything to showoff, because the screenshots from that link weren't the best, but looked pretty good for only being from one guy? Has anyone else done anything like that?

Intel17, where did you hear that id put the original models in? That seems like a fan boy exaggeration, because I really can't imagine a ZBrush model that consists of over 1.5 million polys being able to run on today's hardware in real-time. Also, as Nv40 mentioned John Carmack himself has commented about the problem with the models look plastic and with texture seams. The general way the models look are part of the engine, because as you will see with future games the models will have the same similar look. Just check out Quake 4 for instance.
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