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Default Re: GeForce 5900 Bios

Originally Posted by NiceDevil
so now i tried to flash the card while i was by friend! now the computer is able to boot => don't ask me why

so i made a foto of the line where nvflash stops all the time! i tried with -i0 and all other things in front and nothing happens? nvflash broken or bios chip damaged?

Why are you putting command switches after the bios name ???

The correct command for flashing with nvflash v4.41 is,

nvflash -u -p -f 5900xt.rom

Whatever command switches you use, the rule is that they MUST come before the bios name; with the -f switch immediately preceding the bios name.


If it still wont flash with command switches in correct positions, then for the hell of it try flashing with version 5.13 of nvflash,

nvflash -r
nvflash -i0 -j -4 -5 -6 5900xt.rom

and even try wfflash bios flasher,

wfflash NM 5900xt.rom
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