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Default Re: mandatory monthly anti-ATI goodness

Originally Posted by oldsk00l
I'll give you that. ATI makes decent hw.
Decent if defective is your thing. The RMA ratio for ATi is insane, and both of my high end ATi purchases led to badness.

Hosed bois chip on the 8500 and a 9800Pro with memory that couldn't hold up in Doom 3, even with AC and great case ventilation. Had to downclock from stock, like MANY users of the 9800, just to remove artifacts. SAD.

Two very different products, two very different card batches, and I got hosed, TWICE.

On the other hand, I've never experienced 1 (as in ONE) hardware related defect with any NV purchase I've made, and I've made quite a few...

My girlfriend's dad is still using my old modded and OCed Geforce 2 Ultra I bought years ago for 500 dollars!!!
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