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Default Re: Fix doesn't stick through a reboot (semi-n00b)

Originally Posted by nicku
Assuming you are running Fedora Core 3, just edit the file /etc/udev/permissions.d/50-udev.permissions and change the line
Note: I am not recommending that you need to do this. I am only suggesting this as a solution to your particular problem.
Thank you , Thank you , very much !!!!!!!!!!!
You have solved a problem that I had and NOBODY else could do in all of the forums and Ngs that I had posted my problem to.

My problem was that I installed the 6629 drivers on FC3 and everything worked fine except I couldn't get the OpenGl screensavers and 2 games , Tux Racer and Chromium to work in user mode .

Following your suggestion , I changed the permissions in /etc/udev/permissions.d from
nvidia* : root:root:0660
nvidia* :root:root:0666

Then I rebooted the system and eveything works great , all of the OpenGL screensavers and the 2 games work in user mode.

Once again , THANKS !

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