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Default gaming fees...?

The subject came up on another forum I'm in......
I was shocked at the level of disdain and borderline hostility by some people toward games(and thier owners) that charge a fee too play. Seems too me that these people think that somehow if they buy software for $30-$50, they are entitled to a lifetime of free play at the game makers expense. imo....this makes no sense what-so-ever, I don't(and can't) expect the game maker to buy, maintain and update servers while developing futher game content for free....I also think $10-$15\mo in very reasonable, far from the "gouge" someone called it. As long as I'm getting my money's worth, with a stable, fast connection and on-going, fun game play....I'm happy to pay.

What's your opinion?

*edit* in case its not clear...I'm talking about fees for MMOLGs
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