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Here's some very simple math. Let's assume a game like EQ costs $100 million to develop including programming, marketing, server costs, etc. That's an astronomically high figure considering HL2 reportedly is the most costly game ever developed and IIRC that was around $35 million from start to finish.

Let's say 1 million people buy the game in the first month it's out (statistics show that the vast majority of a game's sales take place in the first 3 weeks). At $50 a shot, and for the sake of arguement let's say half of that ends up in Sony's pocket. That's $25 million in just software sales. Put up $15 a month to play, that's $15 million a month in subscriber fees. You've just broken even after just 6 months (assuming the first month of play was free for the 1 million owners). In another 6 months you've made an additional $90 million in subscriber fees, which is just about what it cost you to develop the original game in the first place.

Again, this is an overly simplistic model, but I think that can help explain why some people aren't too keen on the idea of shelling out $15/month to play a game. I really doubt that people would have many objections to paying were the fees either lower or were they not increased, especially since so many freaking people are playing the game.
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