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I've just started playing World of Warcraft and I love it. Yeah, you have to pay about $13 a month but it is really worth it becasue the game dosen't end after 20 hours. I think I beat HL2 in about 30 hours. After I beat it, I haven't touched it again. That's $55 for 30 hours. With World of Warcraft I paid $55 + $40 for a 3 month subscription (+ 1 free month). That's $95, and I've looked at my /played and it is around 160 hours. I've only played it for a month. Already, it's a better value than HL2, and I haven't even used my 1/3 of my subscription. If you look at the hours of gameplay per dollar, World of Warcraft is SOOO much of a better value.
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