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Considering that not even 1 Million sold never happens in a MMORPG, I highly dout that. Plus they are a business, NO Business is out to break even. They WANT to make a profit, WTF is the point if you don't? Do you know the amount Developers pay for Network and Maintanence fee's? Alot more then a million, they need to have someone up 24/7 to watch the servers and do maintenance plus they need to have the actuall network lines running all the time... They are probably running OC12 or OC48 lines to substaine the massive amounts of bandwidth.

Heres some shots of the servers for EQOA and FFXI (For the Playstation 2) imagine what the more successful PC versions require...

Im honestly sick of people complaining that prices are too high, Development costs are up (New Technology requires more RD and More Employess often), If they don't have high prices then they break even and DONT MAKE A PROFIT.Thanks to
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