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Of course the previous message is in blue so as not to be confusing.

When i click on the cdrom link in gnome(havent tried with kde) some of the files are missing (mandrake 9 BTW) I dont know what the problem is, I have a bunch of linux how to's in pdf format that are a couple of directories deep, also some mp3's that are backed up on cd that when i try to list, using the cdrom link on the desktop, show up as files until you click on them then they disappear. Also sometimes the cdrom hangs (perhaps the automount or something?), when using the Nautilus browser in Gnome. It'll spin and whirl for a while then for a while longer.

This problem is separate from the one below. For some reason, when using my dvdrom Pioneer 16x, cant remember the model number dvd 115 or something. Nautilus doesnt show all of the files that i know are on the cd, this happens at random so it seems. I havent tried using the LG cd burner, or konqueror, So i need to try this to isolate the problem. I reinstalled 98, linux and xp on the same box again today. so i could experiment a little more. this is really strange. Also, when i use GTKatalog, the same thing happens when it scans a disc, which it does really sloooow, compared to CDtree under windoze. I mean some files arent listed or when they are listed and you click on them in nautilus they just disappear. wierd. I will test with konqueror and the lg drive and let you know what happens.

Right now im using xp, but im thinking about going back to 98 and linux. I really dont wanna give up on linux yet, but the more i use it, the more problems i have. For example, when i tried to download a plugin compilation from the xmms site, its like 10MB or something, it wont install after ive installed the nvidia drivers, because it tells me that files are missing or needed that pertain to open gl. the mesa files or something. Any advice or direction to where i can get some will be much appreciated.

well with this problem, i cant actually say that its due to the nvidia driver, but im thinkin it is since i had it installed when i tried to load the plugin package. It was the xmms plugin pack 3.1 from I installed the Redhat rpm, and it gave an error, saying certain files(mesa gl files i think) are missing (perhaps i should have tried to install those from the cd but i think they should be already there I think i installed that stuff). I will try this again, as soon as i redownload the plugin pack. I really dig cool avs, like giess or acidspunk on winamp. Perhaps i should have rebuilt the rpm. for my distro kernel or whatever, i am still really new to this so please look over my ignorance. Also in future i will try to be more specific. Thanks for reading and replying.. Have a better one..
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