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Ok, heres what I don't like about MMORPGs.

First of all they require a constant commitment in order to be interesting. If you stop playing the game for a while because you got bored of it then you can lose track of where you were in the storyline, fall behind your peers in terms of leveling up, etc. You also end up wasting money on a game you aren't playing due to the monthly fees. If you quit paying the monthly fees for a time, then your character gets deleted entirely and you have to start all over.

Also, I don't know about the rest of you, but constantly leveling up and searching for those ever illusive items over and over and over again gets quite boring and ends up becoming a chore. There are better ways of spending time on chores, such as getting a job where you are actually paid money rather than paying somebody else money. Then theres also trying to keep up with those people who don't even have a job and after two weeks of playing bring themselves to "god" status, and brush their little ego all over you with l33tspeak names and other bullcrap.

Me, I would rather just play a game where you can get home from work/school/etc and just start playing a game. No need to worry about if your account is active what item you need to find next, what gay little quest is next, etc. You just sit down and play, thats it. I myself have been playing NS for years, ever since its initial release in fact, and it hasn't cost me a dime. Value wise, no MMORPG could ever touch that.
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