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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
What is qft?

EDIT: Woa, 160 hours in a month? Damn, thats like 5 hours a day. Where do you get the time for that?
5 Hours a day is even easy for me if I wanted to play that much, and I have a Full time job and go to school Full/partime.

No MMORPG deletes characters right away (if at all) anymore, EQ did it during its first year but soon stopped. I remember my friend quit for half a year and returned to be greeted by his lvl 45 druid.

As for time commitment, eh make it what you will... Don't join a raiding "uber" guild unless you commit to it, just have fun. Im only lvl 25 in EQ2 because I try to go at a slower pace, Im jumping between other games and don't want to be caught in the high end so early. Its to quick of a pace at higher end anyway... you can never really appreciate the content if you burn through it.

I don't know where you get the god status and L33t speak from though, most End Game players are bery professional and usually very serious. In EQ1 I have yet to meet any End Game player who speaks l33t unless its in jest (I was in the 2nd most powerful guild in EQ1 on my server).
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