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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
What is qft?

EDIT: Woa, 160 hours in a month? Damn, thats like 5 hours a day. Where do you get the time for that?
Monday - Friday I play about an hour a day, but on the weekends I play a lot more. Plus there are times I just leave my guy logged on, and walk off and do something else for an hour. Also, there are times I just sit in Ironforge and send my "profession macro" across the trade channel at a specific interval to try and sell stuff while I do homework. Actual real play time is probably a good bit less, but still, even if it was half that at 80 hours it would still be a better deal. Plus this is the first month I've ever played a MMORGP so I'm excited about it .

Also, I can tell from your above comments you haven't played WoW. It is very much a different game where you can log off for a week, then come back and pick right back up like it was nothing.
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