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Originally Posted by egbtmagus
I don't know where you get the god status and L33t speak from though, most End Game players are bery professional and usually very serious. In EQ1 I have yet to meet any End Game player who speaks l33t unless its in jest (I was in the 2nd most powerful guild in EQ1 on my server).
Not literally using the l33t speak (except in their names where they use those little gay non alphanumeric characters) but the overall behavior that they are Muhammed Imar Bruce Lee. Every mmorpg I have played is just full of them.

With a game like NS you can just go to a different server and the game is no different. With an mmorpg you can't, not unless you want to start over.

Originally Posted by superklye
I wouldn't have such a problem with paying a fee for an online game if they did one of the two:
First three months free ($50 for the game = just over 3 months of free time @ $15/mo)
Make the game a free download and charge immediately.

Paying $50 and getting a single month free is kinda like pissing in our faces...I don't think getting a single month free is all that good of an incentive to pay $50 for a game. Sorry, but that's just me.
Yeah that is whats especially annoying. Also, if HL1 were priced like an mmorpg, I would have paid over a thousand dollars by now.
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