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That is another thing, I am a casual player and usually I don't play games more than 10 hours a week (with some exceptions, e.g. during the winter when theres nothing else to do for the season.) MMORPG's seem designed for people who play games more than 100 hours a month.

E&B was a good one, I didn't want to pay the monthly fees for it though so I stopped playing (I have never paid a dime for any MMORPG btw, I have only done beta tests.) If they sold it to me for say $40 and gave a cap of like 20 hours a month I would have been perfectly content with the game.

Also another thing, I tend to like player vs player combat, but thus far most MMORPGs seriously lack a worthwhile pvp component. (I am more of the fighting type than the "lets explore the world and see what strange items we can find" type)
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