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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
That is another thing, I am a casual player and usually I don't play games more than 10 hours a week (with some exceptions, e.g. during the winter when theres nothing else to do for the season.) MMORPG's seem designed for people who play games more than 100 hours a month.

Also another thing, I tend to like player vs player combat, but thus far most MMORPGs seriously lack a worthwhile pvp component. (I am more of the fighting type than the "lets explore the world and see what strange items we can find" type)
I really encourage you to check out World of Warcraft. At least get the free month. WoW is designed for people who play under 10 hours a week as well. They have things like "rest" where if you log off in an inn you will get double XP when you log back on, so players who dont' play that much can advance quickly. Also, World of Warcrafts PvP system is very very well disgned and balanced. It's all about HOW you play your class (as opposed to what your class is) that determines your success in PvP. They are also comming out with this thing called "battlegrounds" which are basically epic PvP wars. Loads of fun.
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