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Originally posted by Wolfman [TWP]
This is really strange, as the GF4 card I use is an MSI one (G4Ti4600-VTD) and it seems to be working without a hitch!! And I originally installed the 2960 drivers, and upgraded all the way up to the 4191's as the new driver updates became available..

Unless there's a design error with them some where??!! ..
I agree. What would make sense were if they wanted us to only use the nvidida drivers they had tested, and thus only the ones they could support, but I got a feeling that it might not work, but he wouldn't tell them why. I asked him to tell the nvidia people what MSI are doing, so that nvidia could incorporate it, but he never replied.

My best guess is that it have something to do with the combination of MoBo & card.
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