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Originally Posted by superklye
Except that with MMOs, the devs, as we all know, end up effing up everything at some point after they nerf and counter-nerf and counter-counter-nerf...

With an offline game, such as WC3, if you don't like what the latest patch offers, you don't have to install it, you can go back to previous versions and if you want to play online with that previous version, you can play a LAN game with friends.

WC3 is pretty limitless in scope, too.
Yeah WC3 was for sure a great game, and with battle .net you could keep playing for months. I really, really hope Blizzard dosen't pull that nerf counter nerf **** with WoW. IMHO all the classes are very well balanced (not perfect, but about as balanced as you can get). The open beta is for testing game balance issues, not the retail product. If they start the nerfing, then I may just cancel my subscription.
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