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Default Re: Far Cry Benchmark 6800GT/Ultra owners

Originally Posted by LBJM
both of those cpus are clocked at 2.2Ghz and only have 512Kb L2 you not going to see a difference in farcry.
Although the 3500+ made a difference with the scores in other games i have,
Doom3: 54.6====>57.7 fps(3 sec)
Painkiller: 90====>110 fps(20 sec)
VST: 90====>105 fps(15 sec)
HL2: 97====>103 fps(6 sec)
CoD: 134====>155 fps(21sec)
Quake3: 276====>313 fps(37 sec)
UT2K3: 203====>233 fps(30 sec)
but not Far Cry and Riddick
My only explaination is GPU limitation instead of CPU limitation or the area in which the demos where run were more GPU than CPU limited
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