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Originally Posted by egbtmagus
Im guessing you haven't played the game yet, THe Expansive worls are nothing more then "missions" once completed you return to town (lobby). Buttloads of people only happen in town which are still limited to below 100 (think around 50), in the mission area you can only expore with 4 people or battle our with 2 or 3 teams... thats not massive at all...

Guild/Clans happen in EVERY online game, can they too be considered MMO's then?

Guild Wars is NOTHING more then a Diablo 2 type game with a graphic INGAME lobby and a few extra features. Its no where near as massive or OPEN as EQ/WoW/AO or any other MMORPG. Guild Wars is running on not a closed Network like a MMORPG, consider it like

Guild Wars is a Competitive Online Role-Playing Game, Not a Massive Mulitplayer Online Role-Playing Game.
You're arguing semantics and completely missed my entire point of the need for bandwidth and server maintenance on both counts. It doesn't matter what people are doing, they're still sucking up server space and bandwidth when logged onto the game. There could be 10,000 people playing WoW as well as Guild Wars, doesn't mean they all have to be concentrated in a few large areas. There were at least 35 different cities when I played the GW beta, and there were more than 50 people in each one (probably around 150-200 if I had to estimate).
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