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Originally Posted by LiquidX
I dont buy what some of you say that the price must be that high to maintain there servers. I wouldnt be surprised if it cost them just a few thousand a month for maintanece. I think there just reached that point where they are taken advantage of those with no life and addicted. And you know these guys would get alot more hold outs if the price was $9.99.Thats just about $3 or so less but seems more affordable coming from a marketing standpoint. If WOW was at that price point I may have looked harder at it but he Blizzard has about 200,000 eager dudes that are willing to pay that $13 so the hell if I matter.
oh yeah they are taking advantage of us for a whopping $13 a month....

You know how much an internet connection capeable of supporting a MMORPG costs? The internet connection alone is probably 50k per month. Not only that, but they had to put an initial truckload of money investment into the server equitment which I estimate costs around $1/2 million per realm, so that's around 30 million just to buy the servers. They also have to hire extra programmers and artists to continue developing content for future updates.
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