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Exclamation [TNT2-> need a gf :D] on slackware

the nvidia website has a new style of finding your linux drivers and kernels.
i personaly don't like the new one. but ok. can you help me. last year or half year ago you can just pic your linux distro. but now you have to pic your CPU type??? i am a error hater. so. is the Linux Display Driver - AMD64 the good one?? i don't realy now.
i want to upgrade my slackware system.. (am using the win system at this moment my mom doesn't now how to use linux so i just NEED dualboot )
i want to upgrade my slackware system.
my spec's are:
AMD Authenticated Atlon 900mhz now tweaked and perfectly working in 1.2g
327mb sdram
MSI k7t/pro2. mainboard.
and a TNT2 M64 Grapic Device.

If the standart one isn't the good device driver and if there is some other device driver or kernel for the amd athlon whit the tnt2-m64 can someone post or mail me the full download url or redirect.
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