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Originally Posted by jonk
oh yeah they are taking advantage of us for a whopping $13 a month....

You know how much an internet connection capeable of supporting a MMORPG costs? The internet connection alone is probably 50k per month.
So...they'd only need to sell 2,000 copies of the game a month to make up for the bandwidth costs? That hardly seems unreasonable (assuming half of the retail cost goes into packaging and markup). For other costs, lets say 200,000 people are paying $10 a month to play the game. That right there is $2,000,000, which I think is MORE than enough to cover all the support, server, and patching costs. Hell, many FULL games don't have a budget of $2,000,000, and MMOs make that on a monthly basis. And remember, if the game is gaining enough players that they need even more servers, that just means more income for them.

Though I'll admit, I don't really know how much it costs to run an MMO server. Perhaps you should ask one of these sites:
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